In The Moment at A State Of Trance

A state of TranceLive on Location

The theme of the new world tour was released live on air earlier today; ‘Be In The Moment’. @asotlive is turning ADE’s Thursday into the day of trance, so what exactly is the crowd feeling right this moment?

Viktor & Malin (Sweden)

“We bought our tickets right the moment they were released. Viktor’s been to all the shows, it must be around fifty if not more! It’s absolutely magic to be here in this moment right now, and I can’t wait for the next show in Utrecht already!”


Joyce, Monica and Freddy (Malaysia)

“It’s the third time I’ve seen Armin live, and he will be back in Malaysia soon. This moment? This moment is just awesome!”

Niels (The Netherlands) & Eugenia (Russia)

“This moment is full of banging tracks and nothing but highlights. He just played Sunny Days — that was my ultimate moment.”


Tayer, Amal & Hussein (Israel)

“I just turned 18 so this is my first time to a foreign festival. When Armin just played Silent Hearts and the projection on the screen — just wow.”

Kayla (Canada)

“I came here to dance, and I am very sweaty so right this moment, I am feeling amazing! I really like the vibe here in the Netherlands — everyone leaves enough space for me to dance like crazy!”

Chris & Thom (the Netherlands)

“We’re staying at the DJ Hotel, so we woke up and will go back to sleep with lots of DJs. The thing with Armin is, he has the name, but he always delivers as well. What a night!”