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ALDA is a global storytelling company in electronic dance concepts. Music has the power to bring people together; to connect others across cultures and borders; and to fill the world with positive vibes. Music is how ALDA turns the world into one giant dance floor, translating into memorable experiences for our visitors. These memories result from and come together in the stories ALDA tells.


ALDA works with a 360 degree view, creating engagement all year round with its loyal fanbase — and beyond. With the drive to take every chance, the creative insight to blur boundaries and with the knowledge to integrate a multitude of areas of expertise, ALDA has opened doors and connected people in over 69 countries worldwide.

By use of an ‘integrated concept perspective’, ALDA creates next level technical productions.¬†We live our lives to feel, and dancing is the most fundamental expression of those emotions — and ALDA turns the world into a giant dance floor. ALDA offers the opportunity to create memories to last a lifetime.


In today’s user-driven media world, traditional marketing is getting less and less effective. The universal and emotional pull of music means that it has become one of, if not the most, interesting market for brands, sponsors and promotors to connect with their target audience.

ALDA’s 360 degree revenue model is mutually beneficial, increasing interaction with target audiences on both sides. As a universal part of human identity, ALDA believes that music is what feelings sound like. Far from mere marketing, the focus is on building brand experiences with and for ALDA’s partners. Together, there are countless memories to be made and even more journeys to be taken.

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