Excitement all around!

Live on LocationNew Horizons

The sun has set and fireworks are lighting up the night. New Horizons Festival is in full swing, and the Travellers are more than thrilled to be here. Excitement all around! Why? They’ll tell you all about it!

Diana and Karolien (Germany)

“The moment with all the fireworks was so cool! We saw Felix Jaehn and his energy was amazing, he had so much fun with the crowd. I just put on new glitter makeup so we’re ready to go see Marshmello next!”

Selman (Pakistan)

“I will try to see as many DJs as I can this weekend, there are so many. I am only in Germany for ten days; I had to come and experience New Horizons with all these different stages!”

Katrin and Clara (Germany)

“This is our first festival, because we only turned 18 this year. We are loving it, so I guess we will be coming back for more!”

David and Garret (Germany)

David: “Normally I prefer Goa music, but I am not in the mood for it right now. It’s perfect with all these cool areas here, because now we can just go listen to something else!”

Garret: “We go to many German festivals, and this one has by far the most epic lineup. I’m so excited to be here at the first edition!”

Malik (Germany)

“I normally study, but I like the vibe at dance festivals because people are open and friendly. When I heard I could work here, I was excited to go see the Goa stage.”

Justyna (Poland) and Phillip (Germany)

“I am from Poland, but I met my boyfriend at a festival four years ago. I moved to Germany to be with him, so now we go to festivals together all the time. We’re loving New Horizons!”